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April 11, 2012
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Anti-Misandry by crazylaura64 Anti-Misandry by crazylaura64
12/9/14: Okay, because some people are questioning the entire concept of misandry, how can you say it doesn't even exist when men/boys:
  • Are usually the gender forced to fight in the front lines in times of war because of conscription? (On a related note, men make up the vast majority of all casualties by gender.)
  • Are just as abused physically, verbally, mentally and even sexually as women, yet their pleas for help are ignored, especially in cases of domestic violence, whether by a female or male partner? (This is a huge issue within the LGBT community.)
  • Are not taken seriously when they are raped compared to women?
  • Are beginning to underachieve compared to girls academically?
  • Often lose custody of their children to the mother, despite them being just as, or even more competent than her, and are sometimes completely barred from seeing their kids for no justifiable reason whatsoever?
  • Are verbally/physically harassed in public, yet no-one wants to help them because they're male, and they're supposed to stand up for themselves?
  • Develop body and mental health issues either because of portrayals of men in the media, or issues like the ones I've listed above?

Men are victims too, not just women. Suffering is not only in the hands of one gender. I know it might be wrong to say this in regards to women living in the third world and similar countries, but women in the first world now largely have it easy. So why isn't it right to speak about men's issues? (Yes, I am aware of MRAs. But believe me, they're the male equivalent to radfems - they should just be ignored.)

Oh, and when I decided to update the tags to this, "men's rights" didn't appear in the suggestions bar. Make of that what you will.

Misandry is the hatred of men; like misogyny is the hatred of women.

For some reason, people know more about misogyny than misandry. I blame double standards.

I'm an anti-misandrist. Yes, I am female, before you ask. No, I don't hate women and think that men are the superior sex (Inb4 feminazis). I just hate these kinds of thoughts in society.

That, and I feel like I can relate to men more than women, which is probably why double standards about men piss me off so much.

There's not too many huge groups about MEN'S rights, sadly. We may listen to women's rights, but what about men? People seem to be ignoring the rights of men. :(

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kingofdreams12 Featured By Owner 2 days ago   Digital Artist
Should I say that men and women are both oppressed or neither of them are? Because both of them get the same amount of shit in 1st world countries

Also, anybody who says "MISANDRY EXISTS BECAUSE OF MISOGYNY" needs to learn history. With that aside, misandry needs to end.
crazylaura64 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
I believe that both genders have their own issues that need to be addressed in the first world.
kingofdreams12 Featured By Owner 2 days ago   Digital Artist
Did you know misandry has been existing since the beginning of time?
crazylaura64 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Of course - sexism has always been a thing since humans have existed.
kingofdreams12 Featured By Owner 1 day ago   Digital Artist
I suggest that in the description, you should add that in the ancient times, kids as young as 6 were forced to train for war and women couldn't vote. Basically you should say that misandry isn't existing because of misogyny. Both have been existing for thousands of years.

And also put down that being forced to be in a war is easier than being considered weak. I mean, I know that oppression isn't a contest but this is a no-brainer.
AnimatronicClown Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Artist
Say NO to misandry 
undeaddoktor Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lets get some things straight
misandry, abuse-wise, exists
misandry, oppression-wise, doesnt
men arent oppressed for being men. however, men can be abused, anybody can.

so, dear sjws, when people say misandry DOES exist, theyre talking about the abuse kind of misandry, NOT OPPRESSION WISE.

dear people who arent sjws and are against misandry, when an sjw says "misandry doesnt exist" theyre talking about oppression-wise, not abuse wise.
hope thats cleared up
BlueWolf007 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
When your pleas of a gender, race or belief are ignored, is that not oppression? :/
undeaddoktor Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
if you have privilege ( if youre white or straight or cisgendered or male ) you arent oppressed
you can experience hate for being one/some/all of these, but it isnt oppression because you have always had rights and such
( btw when i say you, i dont mean you specifically! 3: )
BlueWolf007 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Do they typically have it good? The majority, yes. But in my hometown marital abuse against men was fucking outrageous! They were but heard out because the law saw them as weak men instead of the victims they were. We are ALL oppressed in one manner or another. Being silenced when action its needed is oppression.
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